Spiritual Poems - Presented by Suzanne Halliday
Spiritual Poems - Presented by Suzanne Halliday
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The price now includes postage and is cheaper to be ordered separately.  If ordering more than one booklet please be aware that your order will be sent in separate envelopes - thus saving you about $10 in postage.  Thank you.  All profits from the sale of Suzanne's booklet is donated to the Breast Care Foundation.

An Example of poem in the booklet :
You are one of a kind;
No better you could I find.
God made you a treasure,
With no earlthy measure.
Even before your birth,
You were of great worth.
You are unique you see,
With your own destiny.
No one is just like you,
God gave you a job to do,
To serve Him every day
And lift others along the way.
Love and service is the key,
That leads you to eternity.
Love helps you to be a star:
For it brings out who you are.
18 Aug. 2010  Suzanne Halliday  [Page 50]
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