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NEEDLEWORK and Other Crafts
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NEEDLEWORK and Other Crafts and Supplies

NEEDLEWORK and Other Crafts and Supplies

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Adventurer Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090193)Adventurer Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090193)
Girl With Red Scarf Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090119)Girl With Red Scarf Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090119)
Jewish Man With Goose Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090114)Jewish Man With Goose Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090114)
On The Beach Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090055)On The Beach Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090055)
Harlequin Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090010)Harlequin Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090010)
To the Border of the Water Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090004)To the Border of the Water Tapestry (SKU: GO-6090004)
Bedtime Tapestry (SKU: GO-5859005)Bedtime Tapestry (SKU: GO-5859005)
Rudolph Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849006)Rudolph Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849006)
Dolphins Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849004)Dolphins Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849004)
Toadstools Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849003)Toadstools Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849003)
Skateboarder Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849002)Skateboarder Tapestry (SKU: GO-5849002)
Waipa Delta - Hamilton Tapestry (SKU: GO-5842016)Waipa Delta - Hamilton Tapestry (SKU: GO-5842016)
Compendium Of Cardmaking Techniques (SKU: GO-3920739)Compendium Of Cardmaking Techniques (SKU: GO-3920739)
The Grand Sage (SKU: 99.5149.02459)The Grand Sage (SKU: 99.5149.02459)
Butterfly Piglet (SKU: 99.4502.45202)Butterfly Piglet (SKU: 99.4502.45202)
Bear on Bike (SKU: 99.4392.57162)Bear on Bike (SKU: 99.4392.57162)
Kitten With Bow Tapestry (SKU: 99.4392.57153)Kitten With Bow Tapestry (SKU: 99.4392.57153)
Poodle Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.92834)Poodle Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.92834)
Belgian Lady Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.92831)Belgian Lady Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.92831)
The Angler Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.76583)The Angler Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.76583)
Winter Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.50083)Winter Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.50083)
Floral Bouquet Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.28151)Floral Bouquet Tapestry (SKU: 99.4242.28151)
Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch Kit (SKU: 99.3803.15955)Serenity Prayer Cross Stitch Kit (SKU: 99.3803.15955)
Starting Tapestry (SKU: 79.0023.00000)Starting Tapestry (SKU: 79.0023.00000)
Devoted Dalmation (SKU: 66.8080.00503)Devoted Dalmation (SKU: 66.8080.00503)
Le Jardin by Anne Muchir Tapestry (SKU: 62.0001.00090)Le Jardin by Anne Muchir Tapestry (SKU: 62.0001.00090)
Mischievous Trio Tapestry (SKU: 61.8074.03030)Mischievous Trio Tapestry (SKU: 61.8074.03030)
Pastel Pansies Tapestry (SKU: 61.8074.01150)Pastel Pansies Tapestry (SKU: 61.8074.01150)
Cherries Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12320)Cherries Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12320)
Pears Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12310)Pears Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12310)
Prunes Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12300)Prunes Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12300)
Fruit Basket Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12230)Fruit Basket Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12230)
Cornflowers Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12220)Cornflowers Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.12220)
Yellow Roses Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.10340)Yellow Roses Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.10340)
Common Mallow Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.10300)Common Mallow Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.10300)
Roses Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08860)Roses Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08860)
Winter Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08840)Winter Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08840)
Autumn Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08830)Autumn Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08830)
Field Flowers Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08510)Field Flowers Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08510)
A Playful Pup Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08240)A Playful Pup Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08240)
A Romantic Rabbit Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08230)A Romantic Rabbit Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08230)
Kitten and Puppy Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08220)Kitten and Puppy Tapestry (SKU: 61.0000.08220)
Card Making

Card Making

There is a Wide Variety of Cards and Accessories for making some very beautiful cards in stock.  Some of these lines are still currently available - if this is the case you will see these lines at a discounted rate of approximately 10% otherwise all other items are at our Cost Price Plus GST.


We trust there is something just for you and that you will be able to make some wonderful cards for your friends and family.  

Card Making Books, Supplies and Kits

Card Making Books, Supplies and Kits

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