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Our Terms Of Trade and Guarantee

Our Terms Of Trade and Guarantee


There is no minimum order amount.


We accept payments using PayPal, Direct Payment into our Bank Account or personal cheque [within New Zealand only].  If you are paying by cheque then please submit your order via this website choosing "cheque" as the payment method and let us know by filling in the "Additional Information / Comments" Section and then mail your payment to us.   Your order will be sent as soon as your cheque is cleared in our bank account.

PLEASE NOTE :  We also provide a "Lay-Buy" Service so that you can make payments for a specific kit at your leisure and when the payment has been completed [which includes the freight costs] we will then forward your parcel on to you.  We can - by arrangement only - split kits up so that you can purchase a minimum of three or four [3 or 4] Baseplates (depending on the kit involved and how it can be split) at a time and you only pay for the pixels that you require at that time to complete those plates.  The following Baseplates will be further split (once again depending on the kit involved and how it can be split) will have the balance of what pixels you need to complete the next three or four [3 or 4] Baseplates etc.   This is just another way in which we try to assist you to complete a larger picture where costs can be beyond you to pay outright, but in smaller doses it makes it so much more possible for you to complete a great picture [work of art] for your Lounge or other prominent place in your home or as a special gift for someone you love.  Please refer to the Home Page for further information and an example of how a kit has been broken up.


We strive to process and ship all orders within three [3] working days.  Large orders and wholesale orders typically require more time to fill.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding processing/delivery times.

All New Zealand Orders are shipped via Post Haste Couriers which means we have Tracking information.  If you do not want your delivery shipped via this method you need to let us know when ordering by filling in the "Additional Information / Comments" Section.


We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding the shipping and handling costs).   Refunds will be made via PayPal if this is how you made payment or if you have paid via cheque or Direct Deposit into our Account we will directly deposit the refund amount into your bank account once we have your returned product. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then please return the entire purchase for a refund.   Prior to returning an order, we do ask that you call or email us and let us know what aspect of your order you are not pleased with.

PLEASE NOTE :  If any charges/commissions etc. have been charged to us in the receipt of the payment process these will be deducted from any credit due to you.  No credit/refund will be issued until your order has been received back into our office.  Any charges incurred by you to return the order/product is at your cost UNLESS we have been totally negligent in processing your order.


We also offer wholesale pricing for companies interested in retailing the PixelHobby product in New Zealand or Australia.   Please contact us for more information.


We offer discounted pricing to schools who are interested in using PixelHobby in Art Classes or for fund raising activities.   Please contact us for more details.   

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